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Safety Patrol & Flag Bearers/5th Graders

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     Safety Patrols   

Each semester a squad of about 15 patrols works very hard to ensure that students are safely unloaded from their cars in the morning and reloaded in the afternoon. They sometimes monitor hallways and help students during transition times between classrooms and the gym/front porch. Students and parents may recognize the patrols by the vest they wear.

Mrs. Lemonds will give applications to all 5th graders interested in being a safety patrol prior to the end of each semester.  If a student is interested in being a safety patrol, they must fill out an application.  Safety patrols are selected based on their attitude, attendance, promptness, behavior and display of respectfulness and responsibility.  Approximately 30 students will be selected to be safety patrols each year.    

Sponsor:  Mrs. Lemonds



Flag Bearers 

Each year 5th grade students are selected and trained to be the school flag bearers. They are trained on U.S. flag etiquette, including proper handling methods.  They are responsible for raising and lowering the flag each school day.  

Sponsor:  Mr. Wilson