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Principal's Corner

Welcome to Trindale!

photo of Todd Henderson
photo of Todd Henderson

Welcome to the dale!

    Trindale is a wonderful school with great students, parents, and staff.  We have a small school which allows us to create a family atmosphere within an educational setting.  We know each student and their parents on a personal and educational level.  The staff strives to enhance "the dale experience" for each person.  Our goal is for everyone who comes to the dale to have a rememberable experience and understand why we say, "It's a great day at the dale!

     Our focus at the dale is learning and student engagement. The staff continues to improve instructional strategies while keeping students excited about learning.  We have upgraded our technology to allow for us to be 1 to 1 with Chromebooks in our 3rd - 5th grade classrooms.  Kindergarten - 2nd grade have a literacy focus that is supported with instructional resources including LetterLand, teacher assistants, and reading specialists.  The foundations for reading are emphasized in our lower grades because we know the importance of a strong literacy foundation to create life long readers.

     At the dale we welcome all students to come and learn with us.  We build upon characteristics in our students that make our school a better place.  The traits we look for are Determination, Attitude, Leadership, and Excitement.  This combination of character traits will help student to be successful at the dale and as a learners through college.  

     Though we try our best, there will be a problem or two during the year.  All I can ask is that as a parent or community member, you give us a chance to rectify the situation.  Turn to your teacher to see if they can handle it in the classroom.  They are the first and usually the best line of defense.  Once you have worked with them and you still need more of a resolution,  then please feel free to contact me.  At the dale we believe that we can solve most, if not all the problems we face, the important part is that we do it together.  When the school and families are working together, we have a much better resolution.   We hope there are no problems for your and your child, but if there are problems that come up, we hope that we will be able to work together to solve them.  

     As the principal of the dale, I am extremely lucky to have such a hard working staff, wonderful students, and a caring group of parents.  The strong support from the families and community make the successes at the dale possible. I appreciate all that is done for our staff and school.  Being part of the Trindale family is one of the greatest joys I have as a principal.  

   I am looking forward to a great year and if there is anything you may need this year, please feel free to contact me at or at 434-1516


Todd Henderson