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I'm The One

Picture of characteristics

Teachers will look for these qualities and characteristics in students and then praise/ celebrate these characteristics in their students. 


When a student is praised/ celebrated their name will be listed under that specific characteristic in the cafeteria.


Once a child is celebrated for a specific characteristic, they will also get a silicone bracelet that is in the color of the characteristic that says  I'm The One.


Children can collect all 22 colors as they go through the dale over the years.


Black- Solves Problems

Brown- Believes I Can 

Hot Pink- Gives Others A Chance

Hunter Green- Lends A Helping Hand

Carolina Blue- Sets An Example

Lime Green- Sees Challenges As 

Maroon- Makes Quality Choices 

Silver- Cares

Navy Blue- Tries, Even When Its Hard

Orange- Keeps The School Clean

Purple- Leads Others

Olive Green- Has Pride In All They Do

Red- Pushes Through Adversity

Sand- Uses Their Manners

Teal- Others Can Trust 

Yellow- Listens Before They Speak

Gold- Exemplifies Family Values 

Neon/ Glow Blue- Is Always Positive 

Neon/ Glow Green- Follows Classroom Rules

Neon/ Glow Orange- Speaks Up

Neon/ Glow Pink- Makes Others Welcome

Neon/ Glow Purple- Shares A Listening Ear